Drawing from Christ’s prayer in Gethsemane, “Thy will be done,” these devotions reflect on the idea of seeking God’s will in all aspects of our lives, especially during Lent, in terms of our identity, our dreams for the future, our worldview and our response to Christ the Crucified. Reflections will use the biblical characters of Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Paul and Lydia as insightful reference points to our own lives.

Lectionary Resource for Lent 2018.

worship at Hope Lutheran Church

Worship is the very heart of our life as a community of God's people.

We gather weekly:

— to praise God for his love toward us,

— to hear God's Word spoken to us,

— to receive comfort and support from our brothers and sisters in Christ, and

— to share in the sacrament of the Lord's table in which He comes to us and gives us His own body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins. 

All people are welcome to share in these worship experiences in air-conditioned comfort.


For your enjoyment and convenience, Hope Lutheran Church’s worship, fellowship, dining, and restroom facilities are wheelchair accessible.  We also accommodate guests using oxygen tanks. 

The hymns and liturgical text of our worship services are projected in large type onto a front-facing wall for those who have difficulty seeing, and voices are amplified through a sound system for those who may be hard of hearing.



5:00 PM (Contemporary Setting)


8:00 AM

9:30 AM (with Sunday School)

11:00 AM

Thy Will Be Done- Lenten Series